Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yamaha Stitch metronome

Yamaha Stitch metronome
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Because when you're wailing on your Stitch guitar, you need something to keep the time!

Stitch "toothpaste"

Stitch "toothpaste"
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This is described as a crane machine prize, and, though I'm not certain of the scale, it appears to actually be a giant wacky comedy-sized tube of partially rolled up Stitch toothpaste.

Which, if I were in Japan, having Mr. Tikistitch win prizes for me, I would DEFINITELY go for.

Stitch "toothpaste"

Friday, March 26, 2010

Jim Shore "Ohana Means Family" Stitch

Don't know much about this piece. Jim Shore evidently used to work for Enesco, now it looks like he does a lot of figurines, including Disney stuff.

According to his web site, he is interested in "creating a charming and innovative American country d├ęcor statement for the home." Stitch country decor? Well, OK.

This is kinda cute, and looks like he has another Stitch piece due for Halloween.

Hic to Dragon promo card

Hic to Dragon promo card
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Approximately 9 hours 'til I get to see How To Train Your Dragon.

Hero Comes Trauble!

Posted this the other day, but really wanted to say a bit more about it, because this simple mug is just all kinds of wonderfulness.

To back up, there's a whole lotta Stitchie ceramic and dishware available in Japan and throughout Asia. This particular item indicates it was manufactured in China. So, due to the inability of Tiki Labs LLC's scientific team to crack the puzzle of folding spacetime inside Casa de Tikistitch, I have tried to limit my purchases to the few very best pieces.

Let us focus on the mug and unpack the awesome. First is the lovely Engrish, "Hero comes trauble!" Um, yeah. Then if you follow the slogan that wraps around and around the mug, it warns that Stitch is in fact dangerous ("terror from beyond space" - which leads on to ponder what, exactly, is beyond space? - it gets kinda conceptual, don't it?) and that our friendly alien is likely to go on a rampage. Just the jolly message you'd expect from a colorful candy-festooned mug!

Oh, and did I mention the puzzling pictures of jelly beans all over? No? OK. The mug is plastered with images of: Stitch, Scrump, Stitch's cousins, and jelly beans. The latter of which have had no bearing on any movie, video or TV show featuring Stitch that I'm aware of. And, would seem to have even less to do with a coffee mug.

And the best bit of all? Tip up the mug, and who is staring at you from the bottom? Because, just a crazy quilt of aliens and candy and incomprehensible slogans written around this mug are obviously not enough!

Oh, and the box is pretty keen too.

In conclusion, I could drink my morning espresso out of this mug every morning for the rest of my life and be perfectly content.

Here Comes Trouble Stitch Mug Here Comes Trouble Stitch Mug Here Comes Trouble Stitch Mug Here Comes Trouble Stitch Mug Here Comes Trouble Stitch Mug

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stitch Halloween Ziploc Container

This one is kind of to make a point: Japan no only has Stitch-themed tupperware type containers for your bento, the have HALLOWEEN THEMED Stitch tupperware!

It is just kind of awesome.

This is from Halloween 2009, and as you can see, there are other Disney chara featured.

One other point: evidently in Japan, it's Trick and Treat. Which seems a lot better idea to me.

Stitch Halloween Ziploc Container Stitch Halloween Ziploc Container Stitch Halloween Ziploc Container Stitch Halloween Ziploc Container

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


box 013
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SRSLY, dudes.

What is it?

box 014 box 015

Stitch Ziploc Tubs

Stitch Ziploc Tubs
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I've previously shown a couple of implements to transform your lunch into cutie, Stitch-shaped food. So, how does Mom pack your cutie bento? Answer: in cutie tupperware, of course!

These are actually Ziploc brand. But, same concept: they're small, reusable plastic tubs for storing foodstuffs.

They're Japanese, of course. Wish to heck they'd make something like this in the USA, as I would totally use them.

Stitch Ziploc Tubs Stitch Ziploc Tubs

Monday, March 22, 2010


Stitch Mickey Skulls Plush
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There's a lot of folks in Japan who are quite partial to goth culture, thus, it's no surprise Stitch has started decking himself out with some more macabre accessories.

Look closely at the Stitch plushie above (which was probably a UFO prize) - see anything interesting about those skulls?

I believe the Stitch wearing the Russian-style winter hat is just generic, at least, I don't know of any cultural reference he may be parodying. But, is that skull on his hat winking at me?

Stitch Mickey Skulls Plush Stitch Russian Hat Plush Stitch Russian Hat Plush

Stitch tiger plush

Stitch tiger plush
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Not sure how to attribute the trend of "Stitch with stuff on his head" in UFO catcher plushies.

Maybe they've just tried everything else already?

The tiger was probably for New Years. Not sure what the froggies were for.

Stitch frog plush

Friday, March 19, 2010

Tangled Up in Blue

Stitch Cable Holder
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I've seen this listed on a couple of web sites as a "Maki Tori," which doesn't mean anything to me.

What it seems to do, which is kinda cool - if you have trouble with various wires and computer leads and headphone cords getting all tangled up, then simply wind them around this little Stitch figure, and he'll keep you organized.

I just like his jovial expression, I just wonder what he's supposed to be listening to on his headphones? Maybe some Elvis?

Stitch Cable Holder Stitch Cable Holder


This is the latest monthly Stitch beanie from the Japanese Disney store. This past year's theme was the signs of the zodiac, and this guy represents Pisces.

The monthly beanie deal is actually a devilishly clever marketing gambit, 'cause if you wanna buy all the beanies in the series, you're obligated to visit your local Disney Store at least once a month for a year. Where, it's pretty clear, you'll also encounter plenty of other kawaii stuffs to buy.

Oddly, Pisces is the second to last sign to collect - the last will be Aries. If you're into this astrology stuff, as I was, having grown in in California, you'll know the signs are supposed to start with Aries and go end with Pisces. This was much confounding me for quite a while, as I assumed I had somehow missed nabbing Aries. Anyways, he's on order, so hopefully, in a few weeks, I'll finally have the full set.

Pisces is pretty cute. You'll notice it's Stitch wearing a fish hat! As with all the beanies in the series, he's got a picture of the Pisces constellation on his tummy, and the sign for Pisces on his patookie.

Astrology Stitch Beanie - Pisces Astrology Stitch Beanie - Pisces Astrology Stitch Beanie - Pisces

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walking Bistro SMAP Chef

Walking Bistro SMAP Chef
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What is it, and why is tiki flailing all over with glee over this piece?

Well, first off, it's a walking Stitch plushie. These are pretty common UFO prizes in Japan and the rest of Asia.

You'll notice he's dressed as a chef. They make a lot of varieties of these walking dolls, including ones dressed in odd costumes (like the Pooh I showed the other day, or Totoro).

If you'll look closely, you'll see the lip prints on his chef's hat. That means Chef Stitch has been a guest star on Bistro SMAP!

SMAP, if you're not into Japanese pop culture, is very cute, but not terribly talented boy band. They have their own show on Japanese TV, SMAPxSMAP, which includes a segment where the boys get together and cook. They all dress up in costumes similar to this one, complete with lipstick. I actually got to see a bit of this last time we were in Japan.

I've posted a YouTube segment from the show so you can see the costumes.
I also just found a clip of Madonna visiting the show - it strikes me as quite Lost in Translation-esque.

Lilo & Stitch Pewter Set

Lilo & Stitch Pewter Set
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Man, talk about stunning! This item was from Disney's online store in Japan, and photos really don't do it justice. (Especially MY photos unfortunately - I may try to set up the photo box this weekend so I can retake them.)

As I've said many times, one drawback of buying good from Japan is it's almost necessarily sight unseen. Usually, you're not disappointed. In this case, I was most pleasantly surprised. The set comes in a gorgeous glass-topped wooden box.

The neat thing about pewter, it's very heavy, so Dr. Jumba has a great heft to him. Very nice detailing too - you can clearly see the stitches in Scrump's mouth. Also fun to see Lilo again!

I think the deal with this set is it was out previously, and was recently re-offered at a discount.

Lilo & Stitch Pewter Set Lilo & Stitch Pewter Set Lilo & Stitch Pewter Set Lilo & Stitch Pewter Set Lilo & Stitch Pewter Set Lilo & Stitch Pewter Set Lilo & Stitch Pewter Set Lilo & Stitch Pewter Set


USB Stitch
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Stitch hooks up with a USB!

Though to what purpose, I'm afraid, I'm a little unclear. I think he may be a speaker. If you'll notice, his tummy is covered with a kind of mesh-y fabric.

This was ordered from Disney Store's Japanese web site. Thing is, between the time I put in the order and the time he actually showed up at Casa de Tikistitch, they've gone and taken down the page, so I'm not 100% certain what he was supposed to be.

Pretty cute. Might be a little uncomfortable for him with that USB cable kinda sticking up his patookie.

USB Stitch USB Stitch USB Stitch

Stitch Ahoy!

Stitch Ahoy!
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Will update soon. Promise.