Sunday, February 28, 2010

Craft ninja

Hand made Scrump Amigurumi
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This is an adorable Scrump Amigurumi made by my friend Amy S., who is CRAFT NINJA. Is it not adorable?

Hand made Scrump Amigurumi

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lilo & Stitch store displays

Lilo & Stitch store display
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So, I got about a zillion kajillion store displays today from my old friend Dave. Basically, it's a bunch of cardboard. But, it's AWESOME cardboard! These are the things you'd see at the video store (well, back when there were video stores) when you went in to rent videos.

Now I just need to figure out a place to put them all.

Lilo & Stitch store display Lilo & Stitch store display Lilo & Stitch store display Lilo & Stitch store display Lilo & Stitch store display Lilo & Stitch store display Lilo & Stitch store display Lilo & Stitch store display Lilo & Stitch store display Lilo & Stitch store display

Friday, February 26, 2010

Help, I'm being enabled

Cartoon character keychain
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My enabling friend Mmy pointed these out, else we never would've found them. They were advertised on a Chinese site as "Cartoon character keychains." Don't they look, um, I dunno, kinda familiar? *wink wink, nudge nudge* No copyright or Disney marks anywhere.

Kinda disturbing side note: these guys don't have a back, they're like double-headed coins.

Cartoon character keychain Cartoon character keychain

I gots a package yay!

Stitch Displays
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Stitchie displays is here.

The package just fit in the trunk.

Stitch Displays

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Stitch "Relief Timer"

Stitch Relief Timer
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....And that's all I know about it. So, I guess if you wanna know how long until relief happens, consult Stitch.

Stitch Relief Timer

Got your minis RIGHT HERE

Run A Stitch Cell Phone Mascot

So. The Japanese are into cell phone straps, ne? Like, if your PDA has less than 5 kawaii chara dangling from it, you're probably violating a law or something. These people are SERIOUS about cute.

Anyways, there's this company, that I think you spell "Run A." Though I've never been 100% sure, their web site seems to spell it "RUN'A." Anyways, they make tons of keen Stitch stuff, including that fabulous Stitch flatscreen TV. They ALSO make themed Stitch mascots for various territories of Japan. Lots and lots and lots of them. If you're travelling in Japan, in fact, it's kinda fun to look out for them. Generally, you find them in the little touristy shops, and they generally depict Stitch chomping, Godzilla-style, on some local landmark.

Run A Stitch Cell Phone Mascot Run A Stitch Cell Phone Mascot Run A Stitch Cell Phone MascotRun A Stitch Cell Phone Mascot Run A Stitch Cell Phone Mascot

To make things even more confusing, they've introduced variations, where they'll change the strap color, or add beads to the straps, or put the mascots on top of pens instead of straps. Anyways, I'm adding a few photos to my Flickr, so you can check 'em out.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stitch & Scrump nail clipper

In case you ever find yourself in the Magic Kingdom and discover to your horror that your nails have grown unfashionably long, STITCH CAN HELP!

And, yes, this is a 100% official Tokyo Disney Resort item. You know what would also be cool? Stitch nose hair clippers. I haven't seen any of those ... yet! But I'm keeping my eye out.

Stitch & Scrump nail clipper

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WuzOne Stitch Dunny

WuzOne Stitch Dunny
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Finally getting less grumpy. One thing is that this piece arrived. Isn't he awesometacular? He's a Kidrobot Dunny that's been painted by an artist who goes by the moniker WuzOne. Nice job at capturing Stitch's handsome mug, dontcha think?

Also since now I have so many Stitch blanks that have been painted up as somebody else, it's keen to have a vinyl of something else that's been customized as Stitch. I think it balances my karma or something.

WuzOne Stitch Dunny WuzOne Stitch Dunny WuzOne Stitch Dunny WuzOne Stitch Dunny WuzOne Stitch Dunny

Tiki R Still Annoyed

OK, Japan?

Cool it with the Stitch underpants already.

(Also, this mocha we got at lunch isn't very good. In fact, it is bad.)

Stitch Trac Ball Set

Stitch Trac Ball Set
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Doesn't look like Stitch is enjoying himself much. Maybe he hasn't had enough coffee this morning.

Or maybe he's just annoyed that this is basically just a generic Trac Ball set with Stitch stickers applied.

Stitch Trac Ball Set

Tiki R Annoyed

Peekaboo Monster Stitch AP
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We're annoyed.

At figures.

Well, not this one in particular. This is actually a MindStyle Stitch that an artist who goes by the terrific moniker of Peekaboo Monster has repainted into being a kind of iridescent pirate thingie.

No, it's just, there's SO MUCH that is cool Stitchie stuff to find and buy and appreciate, but the universe is tilted on its axis currently so much towards figure collecting, that all THEY seem to think I care about is figures. Thus all the super limited edition gotta-inherit-one-from-your-uncle-to-buy-it kinda thing. Which, I don't know about you, but my uncles tend to wanna drink beer and ride motorcycles and really couldn't give much of a spit about a little hunk of vinyl. Even if it is vaguely Stitch-shaped.

Peekaboo Monster Stitch APPeekaboo Monster Stitch APPeekaboo Monster Stitch APPeekaboo Monster Stitch AP

I dunno, am I just being an old grump? I mean, it's not as if something being rare and/or 'spensive is gonna prevent me from actually obtaining anything at this point.

Peekaboo Monster Stitch APPeekaboo Monster Stitch APPeekaboo Monster Stitch APPeekaboo Monster Stitch AP

I've got a bunch of APs now. So many, they've got their own photo set, here. Peekaboo seems to have gone particular batspit in decorating a bunch of figures (I agree with a friend who speculated he has pallets full of the things out in his garage and goes to paint one up every time he gets a little bored.)

Monday, February 22, 2010

More Official Stitch of the Vancouver Olympics

So, then, we continued down the street (in case you're going to be visiting Vancouver in the near future, I believe the specific street was Cambie, which, if you know Vancouver, is ABSOLUTELY NO HELP AT ALL, as it seems you can't go anywhere in the Vancouver metropolitan area without being more than 2 blocks from Cambie Street, it's like Omnipresent Street or something), and we came to ANOTHER shop that, typically, seemed to have been overrun by kawaii Olympic mascots.

HOWEVER, Mr. Tikistitch, who has a bloodhound's sense for the scent of Stitch collectibles, suggested we nose inward. We saw nothing at first, until I peered around a narrow corner and detected this Stitch solar nodder. As it happens, I have several of these cute items (they seem to issue one or two new ones every year), but NOT the one with Stitch holding his tummy, so SCORE!

Stitch Holding Tummy Solar NodderStitch Holding Tummy Solar Nodder

I brought the item over to the register, and the sharp-eyed shop lady, looked at this, and my already bulging shopping bags, and inquired as to whether I liked this specific character. Suddenly, she was pulling little fuzzy blue genetic mutations out of every corner of the little shop.

Photo FramePhoto FrameGlittery UFO Catcher PlushGlittery UFO Catcher PlushSmall PurseSmall purseSkull sticker setPaw pen and round mascot

The sparkly Stitch plush (one of Mr. Tiki's finds) is especially fun: the label says Sega, and it appears to be licensed, but you might notice the tag is for Winnie the Pooh, which is something I'd expect from a bootleg.

Oh, and the teensy paw pen is a story in itself. I used it to sign the credit card receipt, and then must have unthinkingly left it on the desk. We were halfway down the block when the shop owner came running up behind us with my pen! People in Canada are just so darned NICE.

SO IN CONCLUSION: Stitch is everywhere. Yes, EVEN CANADA.