Saturday, January 30, 2010

Om nom nom

Stitch mascot
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Guess Stitch just got hungry. But, are JPop idols very tasty?

Friday, January 29, 2010

Stitch Ziploc tubs

Stitch Ziploc tubs
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Because, in Japan, even your leftovers need the Stitch treatment!

Thursday, January 28, 2010


The Japanese Disney Store page is updated with Easter stuffs. Featuring CUTE STITCH BUNNIEHZ!!! Well, there goes THAT paycheck....

Cooling necklace thingie

Cooling necklace
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This is from the "Department of Cool Japanese Stuff You Never Knew Existed But It Does Plus It Has Stitch," I think (from the translation and the pictures) that the concept is, you wet this band with cold water and put it around your neck to cool down.

Cooling necklace

Goth-y underpants

Goth-y underpants
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That crown is a favorite image for the Loli girls, so I'm guessing these Stitch underpants are targeted to young ladies. Though, I'm not 100% clear on the connection between Stitch and Lolita fashion.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In which we learn An Important Lesson

Morinaga Pakkuncho Choco Cookies

So, a couple days ago, we showed you some Minnie Mouse Pakkuncho Ichigo strawberry cookies from Morinaga. Mr. Tikistitch got 'em for us at Uwajimaya. So, he asked, "Should I get you the Mickey cookies as well?" They make some choco-style Mickey cookies. I'd looked at the box before, and, as you'll notice here, NO STITCH. So, I passed on 'em. But then, upon scientifically investigating the Minnie Mouse cookies, I found that, (a) they don't taste very good, but (b) they have not one but two Stitch cookies and (c) they have cookies for characters who are not necessarily on the box.

So we sent our intrepid spouse back to Uwajimaya for some Mickey cookies. Which, we just opened. And, guess what?????

Morinaga Pakkuncho Choco Cookies

No, not Stitch, but an actual Lilo cookie!!!! ZOMG, she still exists!!

Tropical Underpants

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You know what's weird? I could probably just do a "Stitch Underpants of the Day" blog and keep going until 2012. (When the world is gonna end anyways.)

Dole Stitch! DVD promo kit

This is apparently a special offer from Dole in Japan that was somehow related to the release of the Stitch! anime DVD box set. And, I looooove me some special offers. Looks like you get a little plushie of Stitch all dressed up in his karate outfit (maybe Yuna was teaching a class?) plus a shopping bag with the logo from the show.

It's interesting because Dole in the USA has done promotional stuff for Lilo & Stitch. I remember I was buying a ton of Dole fruit cups a couple years back!

Dole Stitch! anime promo kitDole Stitch! anime promo kit

Always two there are

More Build-A-Bear silliness. I got the other costumes, and proceeded to attire my Stitches accordingly. This photo is Anakin (from Clone Wars) and a Clone Trooper. I found a Stitch with a kind of small head so he would fit the tiny helmet they provide. The guys made me take off Darth Vader Stitch's helmet, because they thought it looked too much like bondage gear.

You can see more pix of these guys on my Flickr, as well as the Star Wars jammies (including Star Wars slippers!!).

Build-A-Bear Star Wars costumesBuild-A-Bear Star Wars costumesBuild-A-Bear Star Wars costumesBuild-A-Bear Star Wars costumes

Monday, January 25, 2010

Stitch! DS game commercial

A friend shared this insanely cute commercial for the new DS game based on Stitch! the anime. I bought one mostly for the little booklet, but I think I'm gonna have to actually break the shrink wrap and play this one!!

Stitch riding Shisa limited statuette

Found this cute item on a Japanese auction board. (Do I spend too much time searching for "スティッチ" on Japanese auction boards? Er...)

From what I can tell on running it through two different translation programs, it's to commemorate the Stitch! TV show, was limited, and wasn't originally available for sale (so it was some kind of premium or giveaway). But, that's about it. It's sure cute!

Oh, and just to repeat, a shisa is what they call the little lion doggie guardians in Okinawa, where Stitch! is set.

Stitch riding Shisa limited statuetteStitch riding Shisa limited statuette

(Oh, and, as usual, if anyone who has greater Japanese skills than moi would like to chime in - ie, just about everyone - please feel free.)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our vow to YOU!

Rasta Stitch underpants
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When they stop making cute Stitch underpants - we will quit buying them.

But, until then....


Goth Loli Stitch plush

So, one of the unexpected keen things about visiting Japan is occasionally spying an actual Japanese schoolgirl with a Stitch mascot hanging from her backpack. For one thing, it's reassuring to find out I'm not the only one buying all this stuff. (I often wonder. I mean, really, a Stitch toilet brush? Are they ever gonna sell more than 1 of those puppies?)

Goth Loli Stitch plush

Now, given that little Japanese girls like Stitch, and certain of them have also been known to favor that newfangled Lolita stylin', it's maybe not surprising that we're starting to see Stitchies sporting eyepatches & plaid prints and teensy purple roses.

But the best?
Goth Loli Stitch plushGoth Loli Stitch plush

Teensy wings, dude.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Morinaga Pakkuncho Ichigo Crackers

Actually, they're called crackers, but they're full of gooey sweet pink stuff, so YMMV. I picked up a box of these "Morinaga Pakkuncho Ichigo Crackers" in Japan, but then Mr. Tiki saw 'em at Yamishiroya, so we got some more so I could open them up & smell the cookies (hint: STRAWBERRY DEATH).

Turns out, besides the usual Disney princesses and random Dwarfs, there's also TWO different kind of Stitch cookies. Oh, and no Minnies, even though these are supposed to be her crackers. As Igrrl suggested, I should probably figure out how to lacquer them over to save them for The Ages. Because, yanno, someone in the year 2525 might be writing their thesis about Stitch cookies of the 21st century. Or, something.

Morinaga Pakkuncho Ichigo CrackersMorinaga Pakkuncho Ichigo Crackers

Beanie weenies

Pale pastel knit hat UFO plush

Here's some little beanie sized UFO plush from Singapore. (And, just so we're clear, "UFO catchers" specifically refer to toys that are prizes in some Asian claw machines. The actual claws in these rigs look like little flying saucers. Stitch is an alien, but it's really not related.) Anyways, above, here's a pale pastel set, all wearing little knit caps. That's a little fuzzy trio below (yes, all three are different, I checked). The Scrump, Stitch and Angel set is labelled "Noconoco," but it's universally referred to as "Cutie Boron." The other guys are singles from bigger sets.

Fuzzy UFO trioNoconoco Scrump Stitch & AngelRandom Stitch UFO beanies

Just wanted to add, here's a piccie of an honest to god UFO catcher machine, from Japan.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Disco, Disco Stitch!

Disco ball Stitch, Bonnie & Sparky

Oh, this is keen! So, check out these large sized disco Stitchie plushies (that's Bonnie and Sparky along with Stitch). Below is something we just found in the ol' tiki archives - the medium sized versions of the gang!!!


Six patterned Scrump
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These are UFO catcher plushies from Singapore, and they're awesome. The pattern is kind of a combo of flowers and swirls.

I need to look in my archives, but I have the weird impression I got some very similar patterned items a few years ago. So, I don't know whether I'm insane and these are really new, or whether they've done so many Stitch plush they're finally repeating themselves! Anyway, these are totally keen.

Green patterned ScrumpWhite patterned ScrumpBrown patterned ScrumpBlue patterned ScrumpGrey patterned ScrumpPink patterned Scrump

Sometimes I Wonder

So, I was fishing around in the vast Tikistitch Archives (*cue spooooooky music*) and turned up a couple of items that I'm not really sure about.  Like these bandaids.  I think I picked them up on one of our strange trips through Eastern Europe, but I'm not exactly sure where.  That really looks like Polish on the box though.  Is it possible that I really have Polish Lilo & Stitch Bandaids?  That seems extreme, even for me.

Stitch and Scrump as Scrump and Stitch

Because they can't decide.

One fun thing about the set: notice the Stitch! the anime tag? As you might know, the Madhouse anime is an alt universe thing, where Stitch meets a girl named Yuna instead of Lilo. So, no Lilo, no Scrump. But, that doesn't seem to stop them from producing a lot of Scrumpie collectibles and tagging them with Stitch!

Stitch and Scrump as Scrump and StitchStitch and Scrump as Scrump and Stitch