Monday, February 22, 2010

Vancouver Olympics Shopping Report: Store #1

Hong Kong Disneyland Frame
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So, Mr. Tikistitch (our ace Stitch spotter) and myself were basically bobbling along the main drag of Vancouver's awesomtacular Chinatown district. A lot of the shops there (as, basically it seemed, EVERYWHERE in the city) had been turned over to the purveyance of Olympic memorabilia, but that did not dissuade. Finally, we wandered by a shop that seemed to contain the requisite threshold of kawaii, so, we ventured in.

This Stitch bobblehead frame was one of the first items we spotted. I was double chuffed to see the Hong Kong Disneyland logo - though I long ago gave up any hope of being a Stitch completist, I do like to pick up Disney park toys of any stripe, and Hong Kong Disney items are often the most elusive. Best of all, if you'll notice the multiple price stickers, nearly everything in this shop had been discounted a number of times.

Pencil Holder and PencilsSurfboard Jewelry HolderSurfboard Jewelry HolderSurfboard Jewelry Holder

This dealer had a couple of other interesting items, all on sale. The pencil box set is something I've seen many iterations of. The little Stitch riding the surfboard is a jewelry holder. Not sure why the Japanese think a genetic mutation who likes to eat left shoes would be a fine guardian of family heirlooms, but there ya go.

Tokyo Disney Resort Ceramic BowlTokyo Disney Resort Ceramic BowlTokyo Disney Resort Ceramic BowlTokyo Disney Resort Ceramic BowlTokyo Disney Resort Ceramic Bowl

Here's my favorite piece: it appears to be a ceramic knick knack box, but the markings are from Tokyo Disney Resort. Not sure how a retailer in downtown Vancouver is reselling Disney park exclusives but these were pretty keen finds, and at fairly decent prices, even considering how weak the dollar has been against the Canadian dollar. (Yeah, they use a different currency up in Canada. It's like a whole different country!!!)

To be continued....

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