Friday, February 12, 2010

Stitch Valentine Devil & Scrump Angel

OK, so, like so many things from Japan, there is a lot going on with this item! Let's count the ways, shall we? This is a Stitch Valentine plushie from the Disney Store in Japan. You can see he's got little pink devil horns and fangs. And, a big old heart on his chest. And, heart feet, a heart wand, and a leetle heart tail! AND little black wings. Riding him is his buddy, Angel Scrump. She's also got teensy wings. Happy now?

Stitch Valentine Devil & Scrump AngelStitch Valentine Devil & Scrump AngelStitch Valentine Devil & Scrump AngelStitch Valentine Devil & Scrump Angel


  1. Hi TikiStitch!

    So, first off I have to say that you have an AMAZING Stitch collection. I am a HUGE fan of Stitch and also a collector. My husband and I have a room in our house dedicated to Lilo and Stitch. I pretty much have everything that was made in the US for Lilo and Stitch and I have to ask how you go by getting all these fantastic JP/HK/Paris Stitch items? I've tried and tried and tried to translate the Japanese/Chinese websites to order the items and always come up empty handed. Any tips or suggestions from a fellow Stitch collector to another? Mahalo plenty!! :)


  2. Hi! Well, as you've noticed, Stitch is big in Japan. And really, all of Asia.

    In recent years, I've actually started travelling to Japan once a year just to shop. (Yeah, I'm kinda nuts.) There really isn't another alternative I've found to getting certain stuff, like from the Disney parks in Japan.

    I also get a lot of items online.

    It's not difficult to navigate the Japanese auction boards - I've taught a couple of people to do it. And then I use an agent to buy stuff from the auction boards and web vendors in Japan. WARNING: Japanese stuff is expensive - it's always been that way, and with the dollar so weak, that goes double. AND getting an agent to order stuff for you makes it even more expensive. So, something to keep in mind. (Oh, yeah, and shipping too is expensive, and has just been getting more so in recent years.)

    You could also do worse than to keep watching eBay for Asian items. Once again, they're often kind of expensive. But, at least in recent years there are people selling stuff to the US. I've had much luck with vendors from Singapore and Hong Kong.

  3. Thanks for all the tips and advice!! I am WELL aware that all the Stitch Japan items are WAY more than they are here in the states but Stitch is worth it! :)

    Is there a Dummies guide to Japanese auction boards?! GAH! I'm dumb!

    As for going to Japan, I ENVY you!! I don't think it's crazy at all. My hubby and I are trying to save and learn the language to take the trip over the big pond but at the same time continue to make trips out to WDW and DL! I have bookmarked your site and will continue to drool over your amazing goods with hopes that one day I'll get my hands on some of the fantastic Stitchness! If you ever come across any doubles that you are willing to part with, drop me an email! I've got paypal :)


  4. I wrote something up on my old blog about bidding on Yahoo. I'll see if I can dig up the post and rewrite it for here.

    Would love to see pix of your Lilo & Stitch room some time!