Friday, February 19, 2010

Better than expected

Posted this to Flickr a couple days back and then kinda got busy and forgot to make note of it. What it is, it's basically some kind of promotional dish set from the Japanese car maker, Subaru, that features Mickey Mouse and Stitch, who's (for some reason) dressed up in a cow outfit.

One of the exciting things for a foreigner with little grasp of English bidding on Yahoo Japan auctions is that you never quite know what to expect. To be clear, I've only very rarely been disappointed (with far less frequency than when buying thing on, say, eBay), but between the sometimes minimally useful translation programs and the tendency of Yahoo J sellers to keep descriptions to a Zen-like minimum ("Kindly do not ask for a return, as it will disappoint our ancestors"), YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT YOU GONNA GET.

In this case, I can recall no mention that this set was actually nice, heavy ceramic dishes (I had expected some kind of crappy plastic, which is what you'd probably get if this was an American car company). It's got big and small plates of Stitch and Mickey, plus some tea cups.

Mickey & Stitch Subaru Promotional Dish SetMickey & Stitch Subaru Promotional Dish SetMickey & Stitch Subaru Promotional Dish SetMickey & Stitch Subaru Promotional Dish SetMickey & Stitch Subaru Promotional Dish Set

I'm not quite sure what this promotion is about, or how long it's lasted, but I'll try and root around for some more Stitch subaru items I've picked up - there's been a lot of stuff.

UPDATE: Found a couple more things: a Subaru Stitch mousepad, and a kite with cow Stitch. The kite is from last year, and it's fairly awesome. If I were a kid, I would totally make my parents buy and Impreza to get a kite like that!


  1. Please disregard this if it spoils the surprise and mystery for you, but...

    The kite indicates that this was part of an early spring/New Year's promotion for Subaru. (Kite-flying is part of the Japanese New Year's tradition, along with playing hagoita, a kind of badminton-like game).

    Last year was the Year of the Ox, which explains Stitch's cow costume!

  2. OK, so, they must have actually issued the dish set early last year as well, I just didn't see one pop up on the auction boards until recently. I thought I had a deck of playing cards as well, but can't seem to find the image.

    I'm wondering if Subaru made any kind of TV commercials for the promotion. That would be cool to see.