Monday, February 22, 2010

More Official Stitch of the Vancouver Olympics

So, then, we continued down the street (in case you're going to be visiting Vancouver in the near future, I believe the specific street was Cambie, which, if you know Vancouver, is ABSOLUTELY NO HELP AT ALL, as it seems you can't go anywhere in the Vancouver metropolitan area without being more than 2 blocks from Cambie Street, it's like Omnipresent Street or something), and we came to ANOTHER shop that, typically, seemed to have been overrun by kawaii Olympic mascots.

HOWEVER, Mr. Tikistitch, who has a bloodhound's sense for the scent of Stitch collectibles, suggested we nose inward. We saw nothing at first, until I peered around a narrow corner and detected this Stitch solar nodder. As it happens, I have several of these cute items (they seem to issue one or two new ones every year), but NOT the one with Stitch holding his tummy, so SCORE!

Stitch Holding Tummy Solar NodderStitch Holding Tummy Solar Nodder

I brought the item over to the register, and the sharp-eyed shop lady, looked at this, and my already bulging shopping bags, and inquired as to whether I liked this specific character. Suddenly, she was pulling little fuzzy blue genetic mutations out of every corner of the little shop.

Photo FramePhoto FrameGlittery UFO Catcher PlushGlittery UFO Catcher PlushSmall PurseSmall purseSkull sticker setPaw pen and round mascot

The sparkly Stitch plush (one of Mr. Tiki's finds) is especially fun: the label says Sega, and it appears to be licensed, but you might notice the tag is for Winnie the Pooh, which is something I'd expect from a bootleg.

Oh, and the teensy paw pen is a story in itself. I used it to sign the credit card receipt, and then must have unthinkingly left it on the desk. We were halfway down the block when the shop owner came running up behind us with my pen! People in Canada are just so darned NICE.

SO IN CONCLUSION: Stitch is everywhere. Yes, EVEN CANADA.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that Stitch is still present in my homeland.