Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Stitch Japanese Washing Bowls

Stitch Te-Oke (pink)
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Gracious thanks to Amy L. for identification of these lovelies. Basically, the way people traditionally have taken baths in Japan is a bit different (and, really, makes more sense) than folks here in the West. Instead of soaking your dirty body in the tub, and getting THAT all yucky, you instead sit and clean yourself off, and then have a relaxing soak in the nice clean hot water.

You usually use a bowl (called a tarai) and a scoop (the te-oke) to take water from the tub to your face or wherever. And, basically, these are Lilo & Stitch tarai and te-oke, in lovely designer pink and blue! I'm especially fascinated by Stitch bath items, since the character is so averse to water, it's funny that they'd ignore this for the sake of licensing a few more items.

Stitch Tarai (pink)Stitch Te-Oke (blue)Stitch Tarai (blue)

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