Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Behind the mask

Stitch face masks

Not sure if it's the threat of swine flu, Stitch's popularity, or a combination thereof, but there seems to be a bumper crop of Stitch surgical face masks available in Japan this season.

What? Stitch surgical face masks? Yeah, it's traditional in Japan that when you get a runny nose or a cough, you go out wearing a face mask, so as not to infect anyone else. Naturally, since little kids tend to be little germ incubators, they make cutie masks for kids, featuring beloved Disney characters. (Just like, in the USA, if you get a boo boo, you get to have Sponge Bob or Disney Princess Band Aids.) But, the sheer variety of Stitch masks we've seen lately is boggling! They have Cutie Stitch, Leroy and Stitch, even pink and purple Stitch.

Stitch face masksStitch face masksStitch face masksStitch face masks

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