Monday, February 22, 2010

Going for the Gold

Vancouver Olympic Mascots
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So, you may be asking, Why the picture of the ultra-cute Vancouver Olympic mascots, Tiiiiikiiiiiiiiiii???? You said this blog was gonna be ALL STITCH ALL THE TIME, with none of those needless digressions about Jedi underpants and stuff like that there....

Well, listen closely, my young padawan learner, of the tale I shall tell. First off, these Olympic mascots have names, respectively, they are Muk Muk, Quatchi (who does not like to be confused with a Yeti) and Miga. AND Muk Muk, as it turns out, is not an Olympic mascot at all, but rather an OLYMPIC MASCOT SIDEKICK. Because, celebrity being what it is nowadays, evidently even Olympic mascots don't go anywhere without their posse.

We picked up these impossibly cute little spuds this weekend, in Vancouver, where we were, in fact, attending a number of Olympic events. AND HERE THE TALE TAKES A TURN! For the first event was a hockey match, where, in a vivid recall of the events of 1968, some Czech players were enjoying a peaceful early springtime until being overpowered by a bunch of Russians. But! Whilst on our somewhat circuitous route to the entrance of aforesaid Canada Hockey Place (yes, that's really what they called it. like "Canada Airport," only no joke), we wandered through a neighborhood where we noticed the signage sported quite a lot of kanji. Now, class, what does it mean when you are in The Land of Canada and you see signs translated NOT into Quebecois French but Chinese? EITHER ONE OF TWO THINGS: you have entered a casino parking lot, OR you are approaching CHINATOWN.

As it happened, it was the latter. And Chinatown means KEWL STUFF DUDE. So, we immediately proposed to Mr. Tikistitch a quick canvass of the surrounding neighborhood, once we'd finished witnessing a few peace-loving Eastern Europeans being battered into submission by a gang of former Soviets wielding hockey sticks.

To be continued....

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  1. [singing: "Fuzzy fuzzy cute cute, fuzzy fuzzy cute cute...!]

    Oh? almost caught myself. Now that makes up for some adorable mascots. Cuteness to the max, in a snowball (to put things short)