Thursday, January 14, 2010

Stitchie new year!

New Year Stitch chopsticks

We encountered a lot of new years themed Stitchinalia on our recent trip to Japan.  It's not surprising, as new years is a big celebration, and Japan is mad for Stitch.  The biggest collection was at the Japanese Disney Stores.  Now, usually I dislike promotions that feature Stitch + Angel.  It's not that I dislike Angel, it's just that, in the past, they've seemed a bit uninspired.  In this case, however, they've created a gorgeous, and very Japanese-themed display relating to Stitch and Angel (and sometimes Scrump) looking at the sunset sunrise (thanks, Amy L.!!).  I snapped a couple of (not very good - sorry) pictures of the display at the Disney Store outside Tokyo Disney.  My favorite piece of the bunch was probably the ceramic statuettes, but they also had, well, just about everything else, from candy to chopsticks to chopstick holders, stationery, stickers, banners, hand towels, and a couple of items I couldn't even identify!

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Stitch New Years 2010 small plush

And then there was the Tokyo Disney Resort new years 2010 line.  Now, I'll have to admit, I was actually a bit relieved when Mr. Tiki and I ventured into the park store that's located just outside Tokyo Disney and realized that Stitch wasn't a big part of the TDR Christmas 2010 promotion.  It's a cute line - I seem to remember it's something with Mickey and Minnie as snowmen.  But, they've done suchlike before.  It must be difficult to come up with new ideas for Christmas!!  But, Stitch is definitely involved in New Years 2010, and has donned what I think is supposed to be a dragon cap (or it might be a Shisa, or fu dog) for the festivities.  Stitch is then prominently featured in the group shot on ... well, there's just about everything, including shopping bags, banners and buttons.

New Year 2010 shopping bagNew Year 2010 postcard setNew Year 2010 mugNew Year 2010 photo albumNew Year 2010 button

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