Sunday, January 17, 2010

Disney Store Update: In the Doldrums

Stitch Nordic Sweater plush

Back when we were still collecting a lot of new American toys, Mr. Tikistitch and I considered the first quarter of each year to be some kind of a toy doldrums. After the holiday rush, one could usually not expect anything too new and shiny to show up at toy stores until Seattle's grey winter rain turned to grey spring rains.

But, if watching the Milo and the Phantom Tollboth cartoon 87 times has taught us anything, don't say there's nothing to do in the Doldrums! So, herewith, a couple of Disney Store holiday items we missed, and a few actual new things. First up is Stitch in that Nordic type sweater. (My friend James spotted this guy - thanks James!) And there's a new Stitch Xmas stocking. If you press his paw, it plays an extremely high pitched version of Jingle Bells. (Reminds me, I oughta do a Stitch Xmas stocking review at some point.) The generic Stitches (below) are things I bought to go with some more Build-A-Bear Costumes. They were 2 for $25, which I why I bought two. I had not seen the Stitch plastic cup (below) before, but they were 2 for $10 at my Disney Store, which means Boneboy had to get one as well (for cocktail purposes). And I blogged about the super adorable VDay Love Bug Stitch beanie before. He's got teensy wings, and little heart antennae!

Blue Stitch sound stockingGeneric Stitch plushRocket plastic cupLove Bug beanie


  1. wow, I'm loving this! Seems like setting up your blog has unleashed these great focused Stitch entries, they look fantastic. love the one in the little Nordic sweater!

  2. Oh, thank you! ^_^

    I have a lot of Stitch, it's true.

  3. I hope the sorting out in the Stitch room is going marvellously! This is Katie, in my teen magazines blog account! I'm going to try and do one tonight, fingers crossed!

  4. Yeah, I was looking at you Teen Dream site! It's looking good!