Monday, January 25, 2010

Stitch! DS game commercial

A friend shared this insanely cute commercial for the new DS game based on Stitch! the anime. I bought one mostly for the little booklet, but I think I'm gonna have to actually break the shrink wrap and play this one!!


  1. The gameplay video on the game's web site shows some gameplay as Angel and Sparky, even.

    The "News" portion of the web site also shows some cute Stitch-related avatar costumes for some online "Magic Castle" game. Even a Hamsterviel costume!

  2. So, I assume these are virtual costume, for in game play?

  3. Yeah, if I understood what little I tried to read, it seemed to say that you get the in-game avatar costume from the DS game in some way. There's a keyword or something in the DS game that is then entered into the Magic Castle Online game, I think.

    Still, the little pictures of the avatars were cute.