Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stitchiana Jones

As a major Lucasfilm geek, I was amazed at how much Stitch/Raiders of the Lost Ark crossover stuff was issued in Japan last year. Pictured is one of my favorite items, a Stitch Big fig from the Japanese Disney Store's "Stitch's Treasure Hunt" promotion.

Here's some other stuff from the Disney Store or the Disney parks:  a statuette featuring Scrump, some Chocolate Crunch cookies from the Nile River Delta section of Disney Sea (which includes the Indy Jones ride), and stationery items with the artwork from the cookies, a metal box containing candy or cookies (I forget) that's from the Treasure Hunt promotion, and a "BEWARE" cap from the Nile River Delta section.

Stitch's Treasure Hunt Scrump StatueStitch chocolate crunch cookies Tokyo Disney Sea stationery itemsStitch treasure hunt metal boxStitch beware hat

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