Saturday, January 23, 2010

Beanie weenies

Pale pastel knit hat UFO plush

Here's some little beanie sized UFO plush from Singapore. (And, just so we're clear, "UFO catchers" specifically refer to toys that are prizes in some Asian claw machines. The actual claws in these rigs look like little flying saucers. Stitch is an alien, but it's really not related.) Anyways, above, here's a pale pastel set, all wearing little knit caps. That's a little fuzzy trio below (yes, all three are different, I checked). The Scrump, Stitch and Angel set is labelled "Noconoco," but it's universally referred to as "Cutie Boron." The other guys are singles from bigger sets.

Fuzzy UFO trioNoconoco Scrump Stitch & AngelRandom Stitch UFO beanies

Just wanted to add, here's a piccie of an honest to god UFO catcher machine, from Japan.

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