Monday, January 25, 2010

Stitch riding Shisa limited statuette

Found this cute item on a Japanese auction board. (Do I spend too much time searching for "スティッチ" on Japanese auction boards? Er...)

From what I can tell on running it through two different translation programs, it's to commemorate the Stitch! TV show, was limited, and wasn't originally available for sale (so it was some kind of premium or giveaway). But, that's about it. It's sure cute!

Oh, and just to repeat, a shisa is what they call the little lion doggie guardians in Okinawa, where Stitch! is set.

Stitch riding Shisa limited statuetteStitch riding Shisa limited statuette

(Oh, and, as usual, if anyone who has greater Japanese skills than moi would like to chime in - ie, just about everyone - please feel free.)


  1. Tiki -- I just replied to you via a tweet, but basically it's a little blurb telling you what local stations will be airing their show.

  2. Cool! Thanks!!!

    I wonder what exactly it is, and how it was distributed. I've never seen one up for sale before, so I'm thinking they may have been quite limited.