Monday, January 18, 2010

I want candy!

Tokyo Disney Resort Stitch Popcorn

OK. So. We blogged about the whole "oops I forgot a box we mailed ourselves from Tokyo 'cause it got hidden in our room while we were cleaning up for the Xmas party" thing the other day, so, after spending our day off watching part of a "Hoarders" marathon and then completely cleaning out the recycling pile from the kitchen (dunno why, just had the urge), we finally got around to taking some pictures.

Most of the stuff turns out to be the haul from Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea. We were kind of surprised and amazed at the sheer number of candy and/or cookie and/or just plain food items in our stash.

That's popcorn up above. There were also a lot of items in keen metal boxes, like the New Year 2010 candy, or the Chocolate Crunch. I like the box with the Mouse Ears, but can't for the life of me remember what's in it. The Chip N Dale one is, of course, nuts! There was also a neat package with a Stitch clip you can later use to close your potato chip bags. Does everyone who visits Tokyo Disney Resort go when they're totally hungry or something?

New Year 2010 Candy Metal BoxNew Year 2010 Chocolate CrunchTDR Stitch/Chip & Dale Mixed Nuts Metal BoxTDR Stitch candy metal boxNew Year 2010 Mickey Ears candyTDR Stitch candy with clip

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