Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stitches of the Caribbean

Pirate Stitch face mask
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Just uploaded some more images to Flickr from our day at Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea last month. I think I may have written elsewhere about being totally flummoxed by the amount of unexpected merchandise. Usually, when they do some kind of promotion at the parks, I'll at least see images of a few items pop up on the Japanese auction boards. In this case, Mr. Tikistitch and I entered a shop outside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride (I believe it was The Golden Galleon) and were confronted with an entire wall of Stitch-themed merchandise. What does Stitch have to do with the POTC ride? Um, well, according to Disney merchandising, a lot.

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Pictured is a Pirate Stitch face mask.  If you know Japanese culture, you know that it's considered polite to don a surgical face mask when you're feeling unwell.  (Oddly enough, it also seems to be considered perfectly fine to cough, loudly, with your mouth open, in a crowded space.)  So, just in case you're at Tokyo Disneyland, you start feeling a cold coming on, and you're a Stitch fan, and you like pirates (well, who doesn't), here you go!

The one thing I wish I'd done is get a photograph of the shop, because it was pretty impressive.  As it was, we were tired after an already full day of visiting Tokyo Disney sea plus shopping at the extensive Disney Store in the mall just outside the park.  We had just stuck all our previous (well, really, my previous) purchases in a locker and were looking forward to going on a couple TDL rides fantastically unburdened by Stitchery, and then basically the first shop we looked in contained quite literally three credit cards worth of merchandise. (I was quite more grateful than ever this trip for my iPhone's international capabilities, as I was constantly on the phone with my credit card company, screaming at them, "No, that $500 purchase at Toys R Us in Ikebukuro was not fraud, turn the f*cking thing back on!!!") 

I've put in links below to a few more items in the set, like a Pirate Stitch purse (there were several!), cute skull mascots, and of course, Pirate Stitch underpants.  Because, where would you be without your Pirate Stitch underpants?

Pirate Stitch white purse Stitch POTC skull mascots Pirate Stitch underpants set Stitch POTC postcard - Tokyo Disney

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