Sunday, January 24, 2010


Goth Loli Stitch plush

So, one of the unexpected keen things about visiting Japan is occasionally spying an actual Japanese schoolgirl with a Stitch mascot hanging from her backpack. For one thing, it's reassuring to find out I'm not the only one buying all this stuff. (I often wonder. I mean, really, a Stitch toilet brush? Are they ever gonna sell more than 1 of those puppies?)

Goth Loli Stitch plush

Now, given that little Japanese girls like Stitch, and certain of them have also been known to favor that newfangled Lolita stylin', it's maybe not surprising that we're starting to see Stitchies sporting eyepatches & plaid prints and teensy purple roses.

But the best?
Goth Loli Stitch plushGoth Loli Stitch plush

Teensy wings, dude.

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