Saturday, January 23, 2010


Morinaga Pakkuncho Ichigo Crackers

Actually, they're called crackers, but they're full of gooey sweet pink stuff, so YMMV. I picked up a box of these "Morinaga Pakkuncho Ichigo Crackers" in Japan, but then Mr. Tiki saw 'em at Yamishiroya, so we got some more so I could open them up & smell the cookies (hint: STRAWBERRY DEATH).

Turns out, besides the usual Disney princesses and random Dwarfs, there's also TWO different kind of Stitch cookies. Oh, and no Minnies, even though these are supposed to be her crackers. As Igrrl suggested, I should probably figure out how to lacquer them over to save them for The Ages. Because, yanno, someone in the year 2525 might be writing their thesis about Stitch cookies of the 21st century. Or, something.

Morinaga Pakkuncho Ichigo CrackersMorinaga Pakkuncho Ichigo Crackers

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