Thursday, January 21, 2010


Stitch & Scrump as thoughtful bunnies

Yup. Pretty much.

We opened the second big box from Singapore this morning and were all ZOMG NOT MOAR BUNNIEHZ? Maybe it's because Easter is coming up?

Stitch & Scrump as thoughtful bunniesStitch & Scrump as thoughtful bunnies

Anyways, Stitch and Scrump are looking kind of mischievous in their pink bunny suits. Notice that the tag says Stitch! The weird thing is, Stitch! the anime doesn't include Lilo, so it also doesn't feature Scrump, Lilo's doll. But, since Scrump is popular, they still releases kazillions of Scrump toys with the Stitch! label.

3 Medium large bunnies3 medium large bunnies5 really big bunnies

We also got more medium (or maybe medium-large?) Stitch bunnies with their Stitch ears tied up in bows. There's a pink one, a blue one, and a white one, and it seems like they're all supposed to be Stitch (and not Angel), even the white one, because they all have Stitch markings on the back. It was not easy setting them up for a "group portrait," as they're very soft and squooshy and always when you got one to sit up straight, the others would start drooping.

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