Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Thought it might be appropriate to start out a blog of Stitch with, ya know, STITCH! 

Not sure how long this will stay up on YouTube, but this is the new English opening to Stitch! the anime.  Guess they've explained away Lilo by saying she has a boyfriend and forgot all about Stitch.  Kinda dumb, as, well, could anybody possibly forget about a highly destructive 6-armed blue dog?


  1. Hey its Jesse.
    So are they gonna start showing it in America now? Cuz that would be pretty nifty. I would totaly watch it.

  2. They are SUPPOSEDLY gonna start showing it some time in 2010, ie, this year. But, word is, they're still confused about how they're going to explain away Lilo. According to folks who've seen the dub in Australia, they just say she's got a boyfriend, and forgot all about Stitch.