Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dept. of Oops!

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So, as you might know, we went to Japan last month, and bought much Stitch.

As usual, I ended up mailing most of it home to myself. It's expensive, but at least you don't have to explain why you have 8 tins of Stitch vanilla sandwich cookies to airline security.

Anyways, what with cleaning up for all our holiday entertaining, I ended up partially going through a couple of boxes, and then having to pack them back up and store them away, so our guests wouldn't be tripping over Stitch muffin tins and Stitch blow dryers. Or, whatever.

I thought I'd gone through what was left, but then I was digging through my room and found THIS. An unopened box. I mean, it was still sealed!! And, the thing is, I evidently carried back so much stuff, I didn't even remember that all this stuff was missing.  I mean, wouldn't you think I'd suddenly wonder, "Hey, I totally remember buying a Stitch waffle iron in Tokyo, I wonder what happened to it?"  But, no.  It's like I entered a shopping fugue state or something!!!

Anyways, stay tuned, I'll have the pix up over the next couple days.

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