Thursday, March 18, 2010

Walking Bistro SMAP Chef

Walking Bistro SMAP Chef
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What is it, and why is tiki flailing all over with glee over this piece?

Well, first off, it's a walking Stitch plushie. These are pretty common UFO prizes in Japan and the rest of Asia.

You'll notice he's dressed as a chef. They make a lot of varieties of these walking dolls, including ones dressed in odd costumes (like the Pooh I showed the other day, or Totoro).

If you'll look closely, you'll see the lip prints on his chef's hat. That means Chef Stitch has been a guest star on Bistro SMAP!

SMAP, if you're not into Japanese pop culture, is very cute, but not terribly talented boy band. They have their own show on Japanese TV, SMAPxSMAP, which includes a segment where the boys get together and cook. They all dress up in costumes similar to this one, complete with lipstick. I actually got to see a bit of this last time we were in Japan.

I've posted a YouTube segment from the show so you can see the costumes.
I also just found a clip of Madonna visiting the show - it strikes me as quite Lost in Translation-esque.


  1. Oh, I think the SMAP guys are quite talented...moneymakers! Hahaha. :) They have their fingers in quite a lot of pies! And a couple of them are pretty decent actors and whatnot, seriously. I've seen them in dramas and they were very good. I can do without their music, although there are certainly worse groups. (They are SO pervasive, though, that when they actually appeared on the Red/White show last New Year, I found that I could sing along with the damned song, even though I have no conscious memory of ever hearing it. Gahhhhh.)

    Stitch looks somewhat disconcertingly earnest and sincere in that outfit. What IS he going to cook for us?!

    Someone posted Gorbachev going on Bistro SMAP recently. I just ... WTF ...

  2. Gorbachev? NO WAI! Hahaha!

    I wish I liked SMAP's singing, because there's really nothing I love better than sparkly, happy teenybopper pop. But, once one of those boys opens his mouth ... Gah!