Friday, March 26, 2010

Hero Comes Trauble!

Posted this the other day, but really wanted to say a bit more about it, because this simple mug is just all kinds of wonderfulness.

To back up, there's a whole lotta Stitchie ceramic and dishware available in Japan and throughout Asia. This particular item indicates it was manufactured in China. So, due to the inability of Tiki Labs LLC's scientific team to crack the puzzle of folding spacetime inside Casa de Tikistitch, I have tried to limit my purchases to the few very best pieces.

Let us focus on the mug and unpack the awesome. First is the lovely Engrish, "Hero comes trauble!" Um, yeah. Then if you follow the slogan that wraps around and around the mug, it warns that Stitch is in fact dangerous ("terror from beyond space" - which leads on to ponder what, exactly, is beyond space? - it gets kinda conceptual, don't it?) and that our friendly alien is likely to go on a rampage. Just the jolly message you'd expect from a colorful candy-festooned mug!

Oh, and did I mention the puzzling pictures of jelly beans all over? No? OK. The mug is plastered with images of: Stitch, Scrump, Stitch's cousins, and jelly beans. The latter of which have had no bearing on any movie, video or TV show featuring Stitch that I'm aware of. And, would seem to have even less to do with a coffee mug.

And the best bit of all? Tip up the mug, and who is staring at you from the bottom? Because, just a crazy quilt of aliens and candy and incomprehensible slogans written around this mug are obviously not enough!

Oh, and the box is pretty keen too.

In conclusion, I could drink my morning espresso out of this mug every morning for the rest of my life and be perfectly content.

Here Comes Trouble Stitch Mug Here Comes Trouble Stitch Mug Here Comes Trouble Stitch Mug Here Comes Trouble Stitch Mug Here Comes Trouble Stitch Mug

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