Thursday, March 18, 2010


USB Stitch
Originally uploaded by tikistitch
Stitch hooks up with a USB!

Though to what purpose, I'm afraid, I'm a little unclear. I think he may be a speaker. If you'll notice, his tummy is covered with a kind of mesh-y fabric.

This was ordered from Disney Store's Japanese web site. Thing is, between the time I put in the order and the time he actually showed up at Casa de Tikistitch, they've gone and taken down the page, so I'm not 100% certain what he was supposed to be.

Pretty cute. Might be a little uncomfortable for him with that USB cable kinda sticking up his patookie.

USB Stitch USB Stitch USB Stitch


  1. The top of the package says "Stitch Speaker"

    I think it's a mini speaker. Plug him in and play your music!

  2. More stuffs...

    The speaker is located inside his chest, hence the mesh fabric across his chest.

    It's really hard to tell, but maybe he moves when you play music out of him?

  3. ...You know, I think that little cartoon might be the first one to "explain" why they keep giving Stitch those bunny ears up top. Apparently in this case, he's imitating Scrump.

  4. Thanks guys!! I was pretty sure that's what it was, but they also do Stitch as a flash drive, and various other stuff. The Stitch humidifier has an USB port too, though I have no idea why.

  5. I thought that cartoon was pretty cute. I saw it on the back of a Stitch scrunchie, which makes sense, but it looks like they've put it on the back of all the toys where he's got his ears done up.