Friday, March 19, 2010


This is the latest monthly Stitch beanie from the Japanese Disney store. This past year's theme was the signs of the zodiac, and this guy represents Pisces.

The monthly beanie deal is actually a devilishly clever marketing gambit, 'cause if you wanna buy all the beanies in the series, you're obligated to visit your local Disney Store at least once a month for a year. Where, it's pretty clear, you'll also encounter plenty of other kawaii stuffs to buy.

Oddly, Pisces is the second to last sign to collect - the last will be Aries. If you're into this astrology stuff, as I was, having grown in in California, you'll know the signs are supposed to start with Aries and go end with Pisces. This was much confounding me for quite a while, as I assumed I had somehow missed nabbing Aries. Anyways, he's on order, so hopefully, in a few weeks, I'll finally have the full set.

Pisces is pretty cute. You'll notice it's Stitch wearing a fish hat! As with all the beanies in the series, he's got a picture of the Pisces constellation on his tummy, and the sign for Pisces on his patookie.

Astrology Stitch Beanie - Pisces Astrology Stitch Beanie - Pisces Astrology Stitch Beanie - Pisces

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