Friday, March 19, 2010

Tangled Up in Blue

Stitch Cable Holder
Originally uploaded by tikistitch
I've seen this listed on a couple of web sites as a "Maki Tori," which doesn't mean anything to me.

What it seems to do, which is kinda cool - if you have trouble with various wires and computer leads and headphone cords getting all tangled up, then simply wind them around this little Stitch figure, and he'll keep you organized.

I just like his jovial expression, I just wonder what he's supposed to be listening to on his headphones? Maybe some Elvis?

Stitch Cable Holder Stitch Cable Holder


  1. "maki" means to wind up. "tori" means to "take" -- so I think "makitori" means something like "to take up slack" or "to wind up neatly."

  2. Ah, that makes sense!

    This is totally a Japanese thing that you need but you didn't know you needed until somebody made one. I'm looking at the tangle of wires on my desk right now....