Friday, March 26, 2010

Hic to Dragon promo card

Hic to Dragon promo card
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Approximately 9 hours 'til I get to see How To Train Your Dragon.


  1. Hubby and I saw a screening of it last Saturday. Rotten Tomatoes is giving it a 91% approval rating, and I think a lot of it has to do with Chris Sanders' ability to emphasize a really good story, with touching characters.

    There are definitely parts of Toothless that reminded me of Stitch.

    You can read hubby's review here:

    No spoilers.

  2. PS: They have a huge product tie-in with Wal-Mart ( if you wanna find stuff. Since this is Dreamworks and not Disney, McDonald's is also doing a Happy Meal toy tie-in with this. They DO have a Toothless one (BE WARNED: Night Fury is a black dragon and he honestly isn't nearly as cute in Happy Meal Toy form), you should be able to pick one up at your nearest Golden Arches.

  3. Oh, that's your hubby? I didn't know -I thought it was a great review!

    And, knew about Walmart but NOT about Mickey D's. I am so getting a happy meal for dinner, yay!!

  4. eee yay! I've acually been calling Toothless 'Stitch!Gon' because of how similar they are design-wise. Love the Sanders drawing style. I've heard that this movie isn't DreamWorks' usual drivel, mainly due to Chris' involvement. :)