Friday, March 5, 2010


Stitch Aloha Big Fig
Originally uploaded by tikistitch

How could this have happened!?!?!?

The Japanese auction description is even less helpful and more zen than the usual: no dimensions are given. Just that it is "lovely." Oh, and I think it was called "Aloha Stitch."

Stitch Aloha Big Fig Stitch Aloha Big Fig


  1. Awwww that big fig is INSANELY cute!! So I have to ask, when you order your items from the Japanese auctions, what would you say the shipping cost is for this sized item. Would you say its more than the item itself??

    I am soooo ready to jump on the japanese auctions band wagon but fear shipping is going to cost way much more than the item itself.

    Thanks in advance Pam and Thanks for posting all of your great finds!!

  2. If this is really a big Big Fig (I'm assuming it is, because the seller had a couple of other large sculptures) then probably around $100 if shipped via EMS. These figures run from $150 -200, so it's less than the selling price, but still quite a chunk of change!

    There are cheaper shipping methods. I like EMS, especially for fragile pieces, because I've had good luck with it there, and also because it has a tracking number.