Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Stitch picnic set with folding tray

OMG you guys, if you wanna see why I'm completely nuts for Japanese goods, just take a look at this item. It's a Stitch themed picnic set, which, you've probably seen a lot of them (I know I have). But, DIG THE KEEN DESIGN! You open it up and take out your tableware, and then you unfold the case into a sweet little TV tray so you don't have to eat on the icky ground. Clever, ne? And all Stitch-themed.

Stitch picnic with folding tray Stitch picnic with folding tray


  1. Was this from Yahoo Japan auctions? That looks terrific.

  2. Yeah, I spotted it on Yahoo auctions, though I'll bet if you looked you could find it at a fixed price somewhere as well.