Monday, May 24, 2010


But, you knew that.

This is a watch that was available at the Japanese Disney store a while back. Even though I'm a sucker for watches, I didn't buy one. Despite rumors to the contrary, I don't have every single Stitch item.

This one I passed up because, for one, I don't really care for the character, Angel, and, secondly, I don't care for digital watches.

Well, if you can see the close up of the face, you can probably discern that that's STITCH'S face on the dial, AND, besides the digital read out, it has HANDS. Like, duh.

So, I recently picked up a used on. This watch is by Casio, and it's part of the Baby G line, which is supposed to reflect and urban lifestyle, or some such rot.

Casion Baby G Stitch & Angel watch Casion Baby G Stitch & Angel watch

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