Thursday, May 6, 2010

Because it is MY BLOG, and I may do as I wish!!!

I bumped this up from Comments.

Some Awesome Stitch Collections of Awesome:

Stitch and Scrump

My 1969 Stitch

I Love Stitchie

Scrump Fan

...and one other person wrote me not long ago, only I can't find the photo.

This is my house, though it's mostly Star Wars:

The Bobacabana

This is the bit where Stitch mostly lives:

The Awesome Room of Stitch

Anyone else???


  1. Hi Tiki,
    I come from Hong Kong and I am a big fan of Stitch too. You have such a hugh Stitch collection, I can't bear myself checking your Stitch album everyday. I have been reading your blog (including the one in livejournal)for a long time but it's my first time to leave comment here.
    My stitch collection really can't compare with yours, most of them are figures. I was amazed with your big fig collection at the very first time. Until now, although I've already got 11, I've still get 5 to finish my Stitch big fig collection. Here is my blog in Yahoo!
    It is written in Chinese but hope the photos can help.

    There are big fans here in Hong Kong too, as I know, there are around 10. But I believe none of our collection can compare with yours or my1969Stitch's.
    Most of them like me, have better interest in the big figs. However, you can't believe how small most of Hong Kong's living places are. We need to beware of the display spaces too. Some of the other stitch fans here giving up the figures only because of the spaces. It's so great to have such a lot of spaces like you ;)
    P.S. sorry for my clumsy words, hope you can understand all of them.

  2. Hi Christine! Thanks for the link, now I have another cool Stitch blog to read! Yay! I really should learn to read Chinese or Japanese some day, as so many collectors are in Asia.

    Yes, I have trouble with space for all the Big Figs too, even though we have a house, there are so many of them!