Monday, May 3, 2010

Stitch spoon

Stitch spoon
Originally uploaded by tikistitch
Cute, huh?

The Japanese description brags that he "stands on his feet." Which is what I always look for in my tableware.

Stitch & Disney cook spoons


  1. Hi ^.^

    my name's Gun, from Thailand
    it's nice to meet you, hope we can be friends :D

    btw, you have got the biggest stitch collection ever !

  2. Hi Gun! I'm always very glad to meet another Lilo & Stitch fan!!

  3. Hi ^.^

    may i know your name???
    your collection is the coolest i have ever seen!!!
    all items are too cute to resist!
    some i have never seen them before in my life!
    you bought all of them from middle man from Japan?
    or you fly to Japan to collect them?
    i wish i can fly to Japan and spend 1 year looking out for Stitch hahahahahahah..but still, i have to go to Schhol T^T

    btw, are there many ppl in the state who love Stitch like you?

  4. I'm Pam. But many online friends call me "tiki." Either is fine! :D

    You have a very lovely display!

    I buy some items through an agent in Japan. I also fly to Japan at least once a year nowadays to shop. I also sometimes post pictures of items I see on the web.

    Yes, there are definitely a lot of big Stitch fans here in the USA. But most people I meet with large collections live in Asia.

  5. Most people you meet with large collections live in Asia?

    can you send me the links of those collectors?
    i would really love to see Stitch items, in case you have :P

    I see Singaporeans have large collections of plushies
    HK also so cheap figurine right? :P

  6. Here's one from Singapore, it's pretty cool:

    Also, if you look at my flickr account (it's Tikistitch too, you can get there by clicking on just about any of my images here), a couple of my contacts there have AMAZING collections, like:


    And there was a person from the USA who sent in pictures of their fantastic collection a couple months back - just look at the comments on this blog, I think it's in there.