Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hologram Emperor Stitch

Hologram Emperor Stitch
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Oh, and I gots a new camera! It does tilt shift!!

But in other news....

This is the Stitch as Emperor Palpatine Hologram figure that was limited to an edition of 1,980. It was issued to celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Empire Strikes Back (released in 1980, geddit?), and is ONLY available at Walt Disney World.

Keen, huh?

I wanna get a bunch of them and create and Emperor Stitch army.

Hologram Emperor Stitch Hologram Emperor Stitch Hologram Emperor Stitch


  1. Hi !!!!

    i went to disney world last 2 days
    i didn't see it in the store T^T

    did u go down to buy it at Disney World?
    may i know how much it is?

  2. Hi!

    I bought mine on eBay. They're pretty easy to find there. They originally sold for $12 at Walt Disney World. I've seen them for $20 on eBay. But, there were only 1,980 of them made, so they may have sold out at the parks.

  3. wow i seeee ^.^
    i went to Magic Kingdom but they only have it in Hollywood Studio -.-, i guess i might have to find it on ebay noww T^T

    cute collection u got there!!!

  4. There are more items to look for - I've seen two-packs with Stitch and Goofy as either the Emperor and Darth Vader, or Yoda and Chewbacca. And there are Emperor and Yoda Stitch pens.

  5. oh yeah i saw them when i went to Disney World
    they are soooooo cute, and you got them all!
    such a lovely addition to your great collections :D