Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stitch is everywhere

So, this is our new theory.

Most of y'all are probably too young to remember this song, THE BEST SONG EVER, Mojo Nixon's ELVIS IS EVERYWHERE.

Which we post here because, that is our new Theory of Stitch. They tried to give us a hint in the original movie, by the careful use of performances by the one and only King. Ubiquity = awesome.

Case in point:

Heart Eyes Stitch purse

Our bud, Duncan, was wandering aimlessly around the Kane County Toy Show a couple weeks back (OK, well, he might have actually been looking for Star Wars stuffs too, he's been known to do that), when, what did he happen upon? STITCH. In the form of this lovely Stitch purse.


Stitch is still the king.

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