Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Stitchies have landed!

Plush DJ Stitch
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Yup, my box from Disney Resort Paris finally caught up with me, so Mr. Tikistitch brang it in last night. THANKYOU, GERMAN POST OFFICE!

So, herewith some more detailed information. I'm starting with plushies, because, they're keen. This guy is a DJ Stitch. According to a chum, there was actually a full-sized DJ Stitch jamming on tunes at DL Paris last summer. (She got a hug from him - squee!) The plushie version is all set to jam, with an LP, DJ headphones, and kewl shades.

Plush DJ Stitch Plush DJ Stitch

Also, we have a cutie Raincoat Stitch, for those grey spring days.

Raincoat plush Raincoat plush Raincoat plush

This Stitch wants you to have fun! But, number 10, and not 626???

Have Fun plush Have Fun plush

This one is kind of neat, if you want to give a Stitch as a cadeau, here he is, already with his own gift bag!

Gift bag with plush Stitch Gift bag with plush Stitch

And finally, for those who do not feel properly dressed unless they are head to to in Stitch, the Stitch ears top hat, and Stitch fuzzy slippers!

Stitch Ears Top Hat Stitch Ears Top Hat Stitch paw slippers

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