Saturday, April 3, 2010

Disneyland Paris Stitch Ceramics

Going to run down to join Jedi Con in a bit, but wanted to update on Paris Disney.

We flew into Paris-CDG Thursday morning, and, as our hotel was not ready for checkin, we stumbled out, groggy and jet lagged to Marne la Vallee, the metro stop for the Disney parks. It's awfully convvenient to take the metro to Euro Disney, though of the task of actually buying metro tickets, probably the less said the better. I am given to understand even the Parisiennes despise the new automatic ticket machines.

I've been to Paris Disney twice, but have yet to actually pay admission and enter one of the parks! Because we were so pressed for time this trip, we chose to instead to saunter around the shopping mall at the entrance while I swiftly tossed plush toys into the basket Mr. Tikistitch was holding. (He calls himself my "Chief Sherpa.")

We got back in time to finally check into our hotel, collapse for a couple of hours, and then dash out to dinner with some friends and a drive to see the sparkly Eiffel Tower. Then the next morning (at least I think it was morning, though jet lag was still in full force) after an aborted mission to find a cardboard box suitable for mailing, we shared lunch with some other chums, and then dashed to the train station to make our way to Dusseldorf for the con. (We had exactly ONE MINUTE to change trains in Cologne, toting all our luggage, which included not only my Paris findings but several copies of Gus and Duncan's extremely heavy book. I think this was a fairly awesome example of travel stud-ery.)

Anyways, last night at our arrival in Dusseldorf we hooked up with some jolly Swedish buddies, and after several beers, and then several more beers, and then just one more beer, we crashed for a few hours. I spent the morning trying to locate an empty cardboard box, and then a German post office, both missions finally being concluded successfully just in the last hour. My plushies are on their way home!

Oh, and the ceramics: From Disney Paris. Cute, huh? I took a couple of pictures before I shipped them home. Now I'm just hoping the German post office takes better care of them than I've experienced with France or the UK. Shipping from Europe is always a gamble.
Disneyland Paris Stitch Ceramics

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