Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Norway How to Train Your Dragon poster

Norway Dragon poster
Originally uploaded by tikistitch
Sorry no update, I actually bought some kinda kewl Stitchie stuff the other day in Oslo, but Intarnets no workie. Will try to get those up. Meanwhile, Norway has seen the release of How to Train Your Dragon, which is pretty funny considering there are Vikings and all. Note how Astrid gets top billing here?

How to Train Your Dragon offer and pills

Here's the fun bit - this poster was at a Boots pharmacy. And, they actually had some kinda pills that have HTTYD characters on them. I picked up the version with Hiccup and Toothless. Not quite sure what the pills do though. Mr. Tikistitch opined that they are herpes medicine.


  1. I spy the word "dent" on the pill bottle... maybe it's dental chewing gum? I seem to recall that the Nordic countries were the ones to start the trend of using xylitol in their chewing gum and encouraging kids to chew xylitol gum for dental health purposes.

  2. I actually have a friend who speaks Norwegian, so I was hoping to show her the bottle when we get home! But, that's not a bad theory. Usually stuff for kids is vitamins, but I didn't think that's what these were. Though, I also don't 100% agree on Mr. Tiki's "herpes pills" theory. :D

  3. Twotone -- go take a look at the other picture that shows the front of the pill bottle.

    Fluorex... something like Fluoritabletter. I'm betting they're fluoride tablets for kids.