Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ooooh, shiny!

Twirling light
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Here's a few of the electronic toys I found at Paris Disney.

This first one is pretty keen. Seems that all of the parks have toys with about the same concept: push a button, and it lights up and twirls. They're a lot of fun to carry around after dark while you're actually running around the park.

Twirling light

Then this is your basic outer space zap gun. The tricky part with this guy was finding one in the pile that still worked! Most of them had been "tested" enough that evidently the batteries had worn out.

Zap gun

Now, here is the most interesting toy of the lot: if you've been to Disney World, you may have seen a suspiciously similar toy outside the Stitch's Great Escape ride. That one is finished in a metallic paint. This one is just repainted (or maybe more accurately, unpainted), and they even use a logo that's nearly like the SGE logo! This is probably something they have outside the Stitch Encounter ride at Paris. At some point, I'm actually gonna leave enough time to go INTO that darned park, and give you guys a full report, instead of just running out to the shopping mall and grabbing a bunch of stuff. Ah, well.

Remote control bug Stitch Remote control bug Stitch Remote control bug Stitch

Aha, found it! Here's a piccie of the WDW toy. Note the similarities of the tag?

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  1. Very cool! Love all those goodies! Looks like you are having a great time. :D